Professional Scale Services

At Centech, we pride ourselves on catering to a wide range of scale needs across various industries. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that we can effectively address the scale requirements of diverse sectors. Here's a closer look at the services we offer:


Mixer Wagons

We specialize in providing 

service, repair, and calibration for mixer wagons. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle any scale-related issues specific to this equipment.


Concrete Batch Plants

Centech offers professional 

scale services for concrete batch plants. We can assist with scale calibration, repairs, and maintenance to ensure accurate weighing for your batching processes.


Truck Scales

Truck scales play a crucial 

role in various industries, and our team is trained to handle their repair, calibration, and maintenance. We understand the importance of accurate weight measurement and can help optimize the performance of your truck scales.


Cattle Scales

For livestock operations, we 

provide services for cattle scales. Our technicians are skilled in calibrating and repairing scales designed specifically for weighing cattle, ensuring accurate weight readings for your operation.


Packing Houses

Scale accuracy is crucial in 

packing houses to ensure proper portioning and adherence to weight regulations. We offer repair, calibration, and maintenance services for scales used in packing houses, helping you maintain accuracy and compliance.


Grocery Stores

From deli counters to 

produce sections, scales are essential in grocery stores. Our technicians can repair, calibrate, and maintain scales used in various departments of grocery stores, ensuring accurate and reliable weight measurements for pricing and labeling.


Medical Facilities

Accuracy is paramount in 

medical facilities where scales are used for patient monitoring and dosage calculations. Our licensed technicians are trained to repair and calibrate scales in medical settings, adhering to strict quality and precision standards.

Furthermore, our licenses enable us to repair and calibrate scales in every class. This means that we have the expertise and authorization to work on scales of various capacities, sizes, and types, ensuring that we can effectively address your specific scale requirements.

Whether you need scale repairs, calibration, or maintenance, Centech is dedicated to providing reliable and professional services to meet your scale needs across multiple industries.